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USU Desktop is the most complete edition of the USU operating system
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USU Desktop is the most complete edition of the USU operating system.
USU is a free operating system for PCs. This means that you are allowed to download, use, modify and share it, without paying anything. USU is based in Ubuntu, a Linux distro, so any program that can be run under Ubuntu, can be run under USU. Besides this, it was created to be useful in the educational field, so it includes a lot of free educational applications in the DVD image that you download using the provided link. Once you burn this image into a blank DVD, you can install it. USU Desktop can be installed alone, or into a Windows partition. You can even test it just by using the DVD you have, without installing anything. The performance with this last option is very good. I am writing this review using it, with the Firefox version that its included with the DVD image. This OS comes with a lot of applications that are free, and ready to use. It includes educational programs for a lot of signatures (astronomy, chemistry, programming, drawing, electrical engineering, etc.), along with a lot of free programs to use in everyday computing.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is completely free
  • It runs very quickly, even with no installation


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